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Manual Pad Printing Machine

PS-21 C      Closed Cup Pad Printing Machine

PS-21C is a “Closed cup system”. This essentially means that the ink is stored inside an inverted “Cup”. The cup is then held to the metal backed cliché by a powerful magnet (contained inside the cup). The power of the magnet can be increased or decreased by simply turning the knurled dial, based on top of the cup.

The power of the magnet helps to create a good seal between the cup and the cliché. This ensures that no air can get into the cup, hence to the ink. This, in turn, help to reduce any solvents evaporating from the ink too quickly and also helps to keep the ink at a constant temperature.

Having used both, the open and closed systems, we definitely give the “thumbs up” to the closed cup system (especially for beginners or inexperienced printers).

With the closed cup, there is also very little effort required when pulling the handle forwards or backwards as the cup glides very smoothly over the cliché. The cup also incorporates a “Ceramic ring” (With the open ink system a “Doctor Blade” is used instead) which helps to “scrape” away excess ink and thus keeps the entire process clean and mess-free. Ceramic rings are only often found on machines costing thousands of pounds more - but we bring you modern technology as standard and without the normal high costs associated with it.

This image shows the cliché (and cliché holding device) removed from the machine and the closed cup being separated from the cliché. Note how the ink is neatly contained inside the cup with no mess being created.

PS-21C - Benefits, Features & Specifications

  • Minimum ink & solvent smell
  • Emissions of solvents in to the air reduced by 95% (Ozone-friendly)
  • Save up to 70% on Thinners
  • Save up to 40% on inks
  • Increase print speed by 50%
  • Achieve consistent viscosity
  • Reduce cleaning up time
  • Keep one component ink in cup for days
  • Save machine set-up time by 90%
  • Save time and energy
  • Ideal for areas of variable temperature conditions
  • Ideal for those working in confined spaces or from home or an office
  • One hand-operation - therefore faster production
  • Sturdy machine / precision engineering
  • All displacements are limited by "Stop dogs"
  • Closed cup system - ozone-friendly
  • Simple and precise adjustments of pad holder in XYZ coordinates
  • Simple and precise adjustments and of print bed in XYZ coordinates
  • Easy cliché clamping system
  • Light and effortless operation
  • Quick set-up time and easy to clean
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Totally portable
  • Pressure-stop guides
  • No electricity required / manual operation
  • Machine colour and specification liable to change without prior notice
  • Single colour manual pad printing machine - Closed Cup
  • Cliché size (Printing plate): 100mm (w) x 200mm (L)
  • Ink cup diameter: 70mm  Maximum print area: 60mm diameter
  • Dimensions: 365mm x 170mm x 450mm
  • Maximum lifting depth of print bed 55mm
  • Left to right, back to front adjustment of print bed + or - 10mm
  • Net weight: 22kg

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