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Cliché / Plate Making Systems

Can I make my own Clichés?
(Clichés are pronounced as “Clee-shays”)

Yes you can and save yourself a lot of money and time too. 

CPL offer a high quality Polymer Cliché Making System at  just £125+VAT in our package). 

With our cliché making system, it takes just around 10 minutes to produce a cliché from your laser printed artwork.

Depending on the size of the artwork, it is also possible to incorporate several artworks/jobs on to one cliché - this, again could save you time and money.

New  improved design

Save time & money
and have greater control over
production with  our high quality cliché making systems.


Our high quality polymer clichés are water washable and therefore no chemicals are used when etching. This makes them highly suitable for home or office use, without any of the dangers associated with chemicals.

Just look at the UV Ultra's cool features!

  • New modern design 
    Robust all metal construction
    Light source: Ultra Violet Light (UV)
    6 x 8w Powerful UV lamps (365 NM)
    Easy to replace 'twist 'n lock' UV lamps
    Exposure duration: 0 - 999 Seconds Digital Timer
    Post Exposure Drawer
    Firm contact between artwork and media
    On/Off switch
    Maximum exposure area 260mm x 210mm
    Power supply 220/240v (Adapters for Europe supplied)
    Machine dimensions (unpacked) 300 x 290 x 75mm
    Machine dimensions (packed) 320 x 310 x 90mm
    Weight: 5kgs.
    Fully 'CE' approved.
    Spare lamps £2.50+VAT each.



Basic Steps in making a Cliché

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Open cliché making unit and place artwork on glass


Place blank cliché over artwork and expose for a
specified time period
Remove cliché from cliché making unit and wash under water. This washing action
will create an etched
effect in your cliché.
(Which will therefore hold ink)

What could be simpler?


Cost of making your own Cliché

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