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Introduction to Pad Printing

What is Pad Printing?

Quite simply, pad printing is a process of transferring an image from an etched cliché (printing plate) on to a product, using silicone pads and pad printing inks.

With the versatility of pad printing, it is of course possible to print on to a diverse range of promotional products - including pens, lighters, golf balls, calculators, mugs to name but a few.

It is also possible to print on to glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, smooth, textured or irregular surfaces.

Pad printing is also a preferred method of marking in industry and is widely used to print on to
switches, circuit boards, syringes, smoke detectors etc.

What makes the pad printing process stand out from other forms of printing is the fact that it is capable of imprinting images on to virtually any shape - regardless how irregular it is!

We think this example
of printing on to a Walnut may help to get the
point across!

New Training DVD now supplied with machine purchase. Learn pad printing the easy way!

Main accessories required for Pad Printing


Pads come in all shapes and sizes and they can also be custom-made for a particular task.

However, for the majority of applications, half a dozen or so carefully chosen pads should be more than adequate. For example, one pad can be used to print pens, lighters, golf balls etc. - thus making them very versatile.

Pads are made from silicone and they can easily mould around curvatures.

If properly looked after, a pad could last many years before it would need replacing.



Pad Printing inks are mixed , in the correct proportions with “Thinners” in order to reduce their viscosity. Inks should never be used without “thinning”.

Pad Printing inks are designed to “touch-dry” almost instantly, once printed. However, the inks must be left to dry completely (cure) for about 12 hours/overnight.




Our Polymer cliches are “Water washable” which means that no chemical are used to create the etch in the cliché. This makes then very safe to use in an home or an office environment.

By bringing production in-house, you will also save a great deal of money - not to mention the added convenience of being able to turn work around very quickly/same day.

Making Cliches in-house can be up to 10 times cheaper than farming the work out to someone else.

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